Kendell&Paul- The Ryebeck Hotel

Posted on:April 12, 2017

Author:Charlie Hughes


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My first wedding of 2017 just so happened to be the most gorgeous day of the year so far..

The Bradshaw Wedding

I arrived early at The Ryebeck hotel in the beautiful Lake District and there was still frost on the grass. The bridal party had stayed the night before and were starting the preparations up in their rooms, well, apart from Paul and the boys who were nursing a tiny little hangover.

Things were extremely relaxed and that didn’t really alter throughout the day. The walk down the aisle was a bit of an emotional one, with tears in both Kendell and Paul’s eyes and for once he wasn’t the joker! But that didn’t last long after he lovingly accepted his Haribo ring.

The day was full of smiles and laughter and photographing Kendell and Paul as a couple was nothing less than hilarious. Just as we thought he was being romantic and pulling her in for a kiss she got a ‘wet willy’ instead. Their daughters, nieces and nephew played in the stunning grounds of the hotel all day and everybody was outside in the gorgeous sunshine.

There was a speech in between each course at dinner and we had a little deja vu when Paul was made to stand on his chair again hahah it will never not be funny.

I want to say a big thanks to Eve, my second shooter, for all your help as usual and an even bigger thanks to Kendell and Paul for letting me capture your special day. It was perfect from start to finish 🙂

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