Bloom&Wild the flower delivery company

Posted on:December 15, 2016

Author:Charlie Hughes


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If you’re anything like me and appreciate all types of pretty, you’ll love a good bunch of flowers.


I’d say I’ve always loved flowers, because why the hell not, but I never payed close attention to them until becoming a wedding photographer. They are such a MASSIVE part of the day and play a real part in the theme and creating an atmosphere.

When the flowers get delivered on the morning of the big day I love capturing the bride seeing her flowers for the first time, it sounds silly but it’s those details that can really help make the day for us girls. I’m not even just talking about brides and special occasions because I know if I get my Mum a bunch of flowers it’s an instant game changer, she could be having a bad day and it honestly stops all the gloominess in it’s tracks haha I think a lot of people naturally associate flowers with spring and summer, but really, we need them the most in these awful winter months!

So here they are, the ‘Sadie’ from Bloom&Wild, looking absolutely delightful in my house in December.


They came so beautifully packaged and me and my Mum opened them together (she was making lots of little ooo’s and aaa’s and maybe even a squeal) and we just couldn’t believe these flowers came through our letter box! It’s such a great revelation to gifting flowers, I have to say, I was impressed.

So I got a little creative and I thought this would be a really pretty way to show you how you receive your USB from me with all your wedding photos. I wish it came with the flowers too but you’ll just have to treat yourself to them!

Bloom&Wild The Flower Delivery Company


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